2/1 Marlene VerPlanck / loves Johnny Mercer ap138 等更新しました。

John Coltrane / Transition as9195
Barbara Carroll / Funny Face MGV2063
Hampton Hawes / High in the Sky Slp-9010
Red Garland / Bright and Breezy jlp948s
Ronnie Mathews / Trip to the Orient Ew8018
Ike Quebec / Easy Living BST 84103
Hal McKusick / Featuring Art Farmer CRL 57131
Kenny Clarke Francy Boland / Off Limits 2310 147
Marlene VerPlanck / loves Johnny Mercer ap138
Sandi Shoemake Charlie Shoemake Bill Holman / Collaboration PR7180
Bud Shank / Brazil Brazil Brazil wp1855
Yusef Lateef / In Nigeria Llp-502
Eddie Bonnemere / Jazz Orient-ed Pr7354
Wayne Shorter / Super Nova Bst84332
Kaleidoscope / In Commemoration of 200th FM Tokyo Denon Live Concert Yx7575nd
世良譲 / Moonglow YJ25-7001
Don Patterson / Movin’ Up mr5121
Tony Joe White / Tony Joe White ws1900
Traffic / John Barleycorn Must Die ilps9116
Vytas Brenner / Ofrenda DCM-1062

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/31 おはようございます。Peter Ind / Improvisation lp3 等更新しました。

Gerorge Wallington / Knight Music 1275
Ruby Braff / Braff Ln3377
MJQ Modern Jazz Quintet / Pyramid 1325
Milt Jackson / Jazz‘n’Samba as70
Art Van Damme Johnny Smith / A Perfect Match cl2013
Kenny Burrell / In New York MR 5241
Grant Green / Iron City mr5120
Monica Dominique / Tillagnan dag02-1001
Peter Ind / Improvisation lp3
Ray Charles / and Betty Carter Abcs385
Anita O’day / in Tokyo ’63 23mj34709
Nina Simone / Nina’s Back esp8453
George Duke / the Inner Source 22 22725-1
Steve Eliovson Collin Walcott / Dawn Dance ecm1198
Hollies / Would You Believe pcs7008
中村照夫 / Manhattan Special pd1-6119
宮間利之 / Opa etj85003
Ronald Marquisee / Electrobeds Vol1 Music For Moog Synthesizer DW/LP 3201
Ronald Marquisee / Electrobeds Vol2 Music For Moog Synthesizer DW/LP 3208
Lamont Dozier / Right There bs2029 

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/29 おはようございます。Sunrize / Sunrize nb33257 等更新しました。

Gerry Mulligan Chet Baker / Mulligan Baker prst24016
森剣治 / Plays The Bird  ORLP-1001
Sonny Criss / This is Criss Pr7511
Sonny Criss / Up Up and Away prst7530
Chet Baker / Blues for A Reason criss1010
Chet Baker / Live At Nick’s Criss1027
Tommy Flanagan 3 / Montreux ’77 2308 202
Duke Jordan / Duke’s Artistry Scs1103
Monica Zetterlund / Monica e062-34337
Diahann Carroll / Fun Life 8048
Chris Connor / A Jazz Date with Chris Connor 1286
Peggy Lee / I’m A Woman st1857
Paul Bley / Fragments ecm1320
Jack McDuff / Tobacco Road 1472
Patrick Gleeson / Rainbow Delta PVC 7914
Brothers Johnson / Stomp – Let’s Swing AMS 12.7657
Kraftwerk / Tour De France Remix 1A K062-20 0338 6
Sunrize / Sunrize nb33257
Ed Thigpen / Action Re Action Sntf689
Presidents / 5-10-15-20-25-30 Years Of Love sxbs7005

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/28 おはようございます。Cleo Laine / Portrait 6308040 等更新しました。

Lennie Tristano / Lennie Tristano 1224
Don Friedman / Metamorphosis prst7488
Oscar Peterson / We Get Requests V8606
Johnny Pate / a Date with Pate 611
Alice Babs / Music with A Jazz Flavour Stl33223
Carol Ventura / Carol Prst7358
Dorothy Carless / the Carless Torch r403 
Claire Martin / Devil May Care akh021 
Cleo Laine / Portrait 6308040
Cecil Taylor / Nefertiti The Beautiful One Has Come 888 609
菊地雅章 / East Wind ew7001
日野元彦 / Toko OFL-3004
Neco / Samba e Violao Llb1019
Osmar Milito / e Deixa O Relogio Andar Ssig1004
Herman’s Hermits / Blaze Se-4478
Special Delivery / Living On The Run MM-102AE
Starship Orchestra / Celestial Sky NJC 36456
Robert Winters And Fall / L-O-V-E NBLP 7275
Aquarian Dream / Fantasy 6e152
Beau Williams / Beau Williams ST-12213

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/27 おはようございます。Chris Connor / Chris Connor 1228 等更新しました。

Teddy Charles / Tentet 1229
Erroll Garner / Concert by the Sea Cl883
JJ Johnson / Jj in person cl1161
Barry Harris / Chasin’ the Bird rlp435
Booker Little / Down Home Reunion ual4029
Johnny Hartman / I’ve Been There Plp41
Beverly Kelly / Sings Aflp5874
Chris Connor / Chris Connor 1228
Chris Connor / New Again C14038
Anita O’Day / in Berlin 21 20750 1
Marlene Widmark Teddy King / I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart E062-34172
Joe Henderson / Power To The People SP9024
Benny Golson / I’m Always Dancin’ to the Music Jc35359
Chick Corea / Circling In bnla472h2
This Heat / This Heat this-1
Power / Power Mal7408
Light Of The World / Check Us Out EMC 3410
Carl Anderson / Absence With Out Love FE38063
Otis Spann / Otis Spann Is The Blues CJM8001
J.B. Lenoir / Natural Man LP-410

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/25 おはようございます。Franco Cerri / Today fo372 等更新しました。

Julian Priester / Spiritsville Jlp25
Eddie Costa  / Vinnie Burke trio lp-1025/Jgm1025
Jj Johnson / Dial jj5 cl1084
Eric Dolphy / in Europe vol2 Prt7350
Bette St Claire / at Basin Street East celp456
Eydie Gorme / Love is a Season abc273
Eydie Gorme / Delight Crl57109
Franco Cerri / Today fo372
Franco Cerri Enrico Intra / From Milan To Frankfurt Main fo374
Guido Manusardi / Piano Jazz FO335
Oscar Peterson / Great Connection 21 21281-5
McCoy Tyner / Today and Tomorrow As63
Tommy Flanagan / Eclypso 2088
宮沢昭 / 山女魚 k20-p6110
Brigitte Fontaine / Comme a la Radio sh10006
Ron Banks / Truly Bad FZ39148
MCB / MCB FE 38369
VA / Drop Down Mama lp-411
Bo Diddley Chuck Berry / Two Great Guitars lps-2991
Tampa Red / The Guitar Wizard 1935-1953 bc-25

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/24 おはようございます。Carmen McRae / Ms. Magic SN722 等更新しました。

Andre Previn Russ Freeman / Double Play c3537
Sonny Rollins / East Bradway Run Down As9121
Miles Davis / in the Beginning prlp7221/Prlp7007
McCoy Tyner / plays Ellington As79
Chet Baker / Live in Sweden Drlp56
Mark Murphy Larry Coryell Art Farmer / September Ballads m-9154
Julie London / You Don’t Have to Be a Baby to Cry lst7342
Carmen McRae / Ms. Magic SN722
Mitzi Gaynor / Sings The Lyrics Of Ira Gershwin MGV2115
Cybill Shepherd / Cybill Does It to Cole Porter Pas1018
Ella Fitzgerald Count Basie / A Classy Pair  2312-132
Lilian Terry / a Dream Comes True sn1047
Johnny Hartman Andrew Hill / Sittin’ In With VGM0011
Lena Horne / Lena… Lovely And Alive lpm2587
秋山和慶 / Percussion Fantastic SONC16012-J
Gloria Bare / From The Heart jwp lp1174
Norma Jenkins / Patience Is A Virtue Dms3200
Native / in A Strange Land Afl1-3992
Fallen Angel / Go For The Ride MCA-39011
Parliament / Motor Booty Affair Nblp7125

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/23 おはようございます。Bud Shank / At Jazz Alley c-14027 等更新しました。

Roland Kirk / Slightly Latin ls86033
Jimmy Smith / Second Coming mj12380
Charlie Hearnshaw Quartet / So Slam It mm080
Tete Montoliu / Interpreta a Serrat s4350
Paul Gonsalves / Cleopatra Feelin’ Jazzy as41
Lee Morgan / Tom Cat gxk8181
Lee Morgan / Lee Morgan Sextet GXF3024
Bud Shank / At Jazz Alley c-14027
Mack Goldsbury / Anthropo-Logic mr5194
Eric Dolphy / at the Five Spot vol2 prt7826
酒井潮 / Rushing Stream GP-582
Cecil Taylor / Nuits De La Fondation Maeght Vol3 83509
George Russell Don Cherry / At Beethoven Hall CRM608
Joe Turner / in the Evening 2310776
Waldir Silva / Waldir Silva E Seu Regional blp-80091
Joyce / Feminina 31c 064 422862
Don Drummond / Memorial Album 014
Jackie Mittoo / Champion Of The Arena – Darker Shade CT-12
Bim Sherman / Winey Winey 1DP10
Little Annie / Bless Those ON-UDP2

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/22 おはようございます。Edmund J Wood / Immanent Domain nq-3416 等更新しました。

McCoy Tyner / Reaching Fourth as33
Doris Day / One Night Stand lp1020
Chick Corea / Trio Music
Art Tatum / Footnotes To Jazz Vol2 Rehearsal fj12293
Edmund J Wood / Immanent Domain nq-3416
Ernestine Anderson / Never Make Your Move Too Soon Cj-147
Karin Krog / Hi Fly fidardo2
Soesja Citroen / Sings Thelonious Monk tpr30001
Julie London / Latin in A Satin Mood lst7278
Jean DuShon Ramsey Lewis / You Better Believe Me Lps-750
Astrud Gilberto Stan Getz / Getz Au Go Go  vlp9081
Milt Jackson / Memphis Jackson SMAS-93756
Joao Gilberto Antonio Carlos / Gilberto & Jobim st-2160
Brian Eno David Byrne / My Life in the Bush of Ghosts srk6093
Blaine L Reininger / Live In Brussels TWI637
Patrice Rushen / Posh 6e-302
VA / Ragtime 2 The Country RBF18
Abyssinians / Arise FL1019
Nolen And Crossley / Ambience 6003gla
Claudia Lennear / Phew BS2654

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号

1/21 おはようございます。Steve Grossman / Way Out East Vol1 vpa176 等更新しました。

Eric Kershaw / Time To Swing BYK713
Taft Jordan / Mood Indigo mvlp21
Ronnie Brown / at P.J’s Phm-200-130
Shelly Manne / My Fair Lady c3527
Barney McClure / Hizzonor bam1001
Eydie Gorme / Eydie Gorme abc-150
Eydie Gorme Steve Lawrence / Cozy ww7509
Dinah Washington / Dinah Sings Bessie Smith mg36130
Brigitte Bader / Passion No Future But Love bblp00190
Steve Grossman / Way Out East Vol1 vpa176
Mike Campbell / Secret Fantasy pa8020
Raulzinho Raul De Souza / Til Tomorrow Comes St11918
Jimmy Cliff / Dance Reggae Dance CSF-1227
Bunny Wailer / Arab Oil Weapon 12-NH-1001
Prince Far I / Crytuff Dub Encounter Chapter1 pslp13
Webster Lewis / Let Me Be the One fe36878
Webster Lewis / 8 for the 80’s je36197
Luther Vandross / Forever For Always For Love FE 38235
Cooper & Ross / Bottom Line mca-539
Louisiana Red / Sings the Blues sd33-389

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530-0028 大阪市北区万歳町3-41 シロノビル104号